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Boy Writers

Alarming statistic- the rate of women going to college is growing steadily, while the percentage of men in college is steadily declining with women accounting for 53% of the population on college campuses and the population of the men accounting for only 47%Across the nation, when looking at writing test scores, studies have shown that girls are outperforming boys . The disparity of the writing scores is not just regional, but also nationwide.

Save Our Sons

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by: Tiffani Milton

How can I better serve my struggling boy writers?


Brain research has found that certain areas of the male brain do not develop at the same rate or even in the same sequence as the female brain. Furthermore, the female brain matures sooner than the male brain, and certain areas of the brain do not develop to the same degree in one gender as compared with the other. For example, the corpus callosum (the part of the brain that connects the right and left hemispheres and facilitates communication between them) is 20% larger in females than it is in males. Because verbal communication abilities are controlled by areas in both hemispheres of the brain, this explains why females are generally more adept at expressing emotions than males (Fletcher, 2006; Gurian & Henley, 2001).

Brain Research

Letting students feel safe to take risks and experience failure without humiliation is key to getting boys to write. We can’t expect perfection at the beginning, there has to be room to let students try and grow.You should bring boys’ interests and style of writing into your classroom. This will welcome them and let them become the best writers they can be. Let your students’ writing be both public and private, leaving that up to them, but give more praise than critiques and celebrate their growth often.

Providing a Welcoming Space


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