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Boy nobody

Boy NobodyBy: Allen Zadoff

Jesse Kolb

Climax:The climax of "Boy Nobody" is when he kills his girlfriend Sam to stick to the mission.

Summary:Boy Nobody is a story of a teenage boy being selected to kill high risk people by the U.S government. He enters a school on a five day window to kill the mayor of New York. Soon into the mission he meets the mayor's daughter who sweeps him off his feet. He then falls in love with her , but recieves info that his mission has changed and he must kill his beloved girlfriend Sam. He knows that he must go through with it or his own life is at risk. He has no other option ,but to kill her so he pulls out his poision and does it. It changes Boy Nobody's life forever.

Main Chracters:SamThe MayorBen (Boy Nobody)

Setting:The cool fall in hectic New York City


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