Boy Nobody

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Boy Nobody

Summary After Zach's bestfriend Mike kills his parents, Zach is given the choice to live or die. After choosing to live he joins The Program. Zach is sent to different towns with the mission to get close to his target and assasinate them, leaving immediately.When Zach is sent to New York with the name Benjamin, his mission is to assasinate the mayor in a week. His shortest mission ever. Ben feels a presence throughout his mission that leads to complications. Halfway through his mission his target is changed to the only person he has ever felt connected to, the mayor's daughter, Sam. Ben struggles with the decision he has to make. When Mike comes back and the memmories of his previous life come flooding back, Ben breaks mulltiple rules to help him complete his mission.

Main characters:Benjamin, Sam, Howard, the Mayor, and Gideon

Josie Dickerson

The climax of the story is when the target of Ben's mission is changed from the Mayor to Sam.

My opinion of the book is that it was really easy to follow and very exciting

The setting of story is present day New York

Ben lost his parents to the program when he was young. He was taken in by the program when his parents were killed, and given a job. Ben's job at the program is to show up in a new town, with a new name, get rid of his target, and to dissapear.

Boy Nobody

Author: Allen Zadoff

"Whatever I decided, my life was no longer my own."


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