Boy in the Striped Pajamas,Hitler Youth

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Boy in the Striped Pajamas,Hitler Youth

Hitler's Youth

What is Hitler's Youth and who in the novel was seduced by the idea?-Hitler's youth was created to encourage children to participate in training, anti semitism and nationalism.-After meeting Lieutenant Kotler, Gretel became interested in the idea of Natzism.

Gretel became interested in Hitler and the war shortly after moving to Poland and meeting Lieutenant Kotler. Gretel traded in her dolls for maps of Germany and started reading the daily newspapers and putting locator pins in the maps.

"It's not called Out-With Bruno""The fence isn't there to stop us from going over there. It's to stop them from coming over here" (182)."With other Jews, Bruno. Didn't you know that? (182).

"She hung up maps of Eurpope that Father had given her; and every day she put little pins into them and moved the pins around constantly after consulting the daily paper. Bruno thought she might be going mad" (180).

Gretel wasn't part of the League of Young Girls, but she did believe in Natzi ideologies.

Bruno was too naive to realize what Hitler Youth even was. However, in certain parts of the novel he expresses his nationalistic beliefs

'Heil Hitler,' he said, which, he presumed, was another way of saying, 'Well goodbye for now, have a pleasant afternoon" (54)

The way Bruno's Father treats him, is as if he wants Bruno to become a solider one day like himself. Bruno's father is essentially training him to become a Hitler youth, but Bruno is too naive to know any different.

What does it mean to be innocent?