Boy in the Striped Pajamas: Freedom and Order

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Boy in the Striped Pajamas: Freedom and Order

Across the FenceThe comparasion between Shmuels cruel life and Bruno's priveledged life and the divide between them is shown in the above image. In these two boy's society, authorities decided that limiting one group's freedom was the best way to attain social order. However, the complete opposite occurs and Bruno and Shmuel's society turns to chaos with war and loss.

Both John Proctor from the Crucible and Bruno from BSP were the characters that stepped away from society's strong grip on order and realized that social chaos rises from a lack of freedom of a group of people. In BSP that group was the Jews, and Bruno sees the cruel treatment of his friend across the fence, Shmuel, and decides to act in the only way an 8 year old boy can. Proctor however takes a slightly more public stance against society's twisted ideas about order by killing himself rather than lying to go with the system. Full Comparision.


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The Boy in the Striped PajamasAnd It's Ties To The Crucible


“Think on cause, man [Proctor], and let you help me to discover it. For there’s your way, believe it, there is your only way, when such confusion strikes upon the world” Hale to Proctor. Hale is convinced that Proctor is the one individual that can find the cause for all the chaos in society. Proctor obviously recognizes that lack of freedom and justice towards the accused is causing the social disorder.

Character Comparison

The relationship between freedom and order is explored in both of these works by showing how a strive for order results in a loss of freedom for one group of people.

Freedom vs. Order

Crucible Connections

"You are pulling down heaven and raising up a whore" Proctor. When freedom is compromised for order, one group of people is hurt and one is benefitted. In BSP it is the Jews that are hurt, the others that are benefitted. In the Crucible, as Proctor says here, the "whore", or Abigail and the rest of the accusers, are benefitted while the unjustly accused are hurt, such as Goody Proctor, who symbolizes heaven.

The Accused

The Jews

The lack of order in society is blamed on these groups, thus their freedoms are taken away. However though this is supposed to increase order, all it leads to is social chaos.

With the Jews there is not one individual that recognizes the imbalance between freedom and orde, and with such a large group and such a large force restricting them, standing up is hard to do.

acccused group in Salem, Proctor represents the one individual to stand up against the restrictions of freedom. the acccused get their freedomes taken away in less obviious ways in the crucible. Their freedom to have fair trials, and to live their lives are taken away when they become the accused.Many are forced to lie to save their lives.

The Consequences of an imbalcance between freedom and order is shown here where Bruno and Shmuel lose thier lives not because of what theyve done but because of who they are,something they cannot control.



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