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Boy 21

Matthew Quick released a book trailer for Boy21... it's kinda silly but it's worth a watch

Space StuffIf Finley ever wants to make a galaxy on his own, I found some glow-in-the-dark star stickers to put on the walls or ceiling. Russ (Boy21) might like this band called Vangelis. This album of theirs, Albedo 0.39 is entirely inspired by space. Sounds like good space-travel music.

Basketball StuffFound a link here that includes lots of basketball scholarships. Some look really competitive... maybe Erin has a better chance with some of these.USA Basketball came out with this really intense 45-minute basketball workout. It's almost as intense as the stuff Erin and Finley do hah.

Boy21 follows Finley, a nearly mute senior basketball player who wants nothing more than to practice basketball every day with his girlfriend Erin in hopes of getting to college on a sports scholarship. College is the only way Finley believes he can get out of his drug and crime infested town. Everything changes when his coach asks him to befriend the new kid: Russ, a boy referring to himself as Boy21. Russ's parents were murdered, the trauma causing Russ to quit his stunning high school basketball career and pretend he is an alien waiting for his parents to come and take him back to space. Finley starts to get closer to Boy21, despite being worried that he will eventually take Finley's spot on the basketball team. Boy21 begins to shadow Finley and slowly starts to drop the alien-persona and become Russ again. Finley and Russ swap stories about their lives and truly become friends. But things start to get out of hand when someone gets hurt and crime families may be to blame. To know what happens, you'll have to read the book.


by Matthew Quick

PTSDOne of the most problematic elements of the book was how Russ never got the treatment he needed for his PTSD once he came to Philadelphia. For such traumatic life events, prolonged treatment is necessary, especially for someone who breaks from reality and believes he's an extraterrestrial. I found a site discussing coping strategies for those with PTSD, something both Russ and Finley could find helpful.



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