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A podium reprents a leader and even though boxer wasn't one of the pigs, he was still a leader. He inspired the other animals like a leader would.

"I will work harder!" "Napolean is always right!"

Boxer is similar to JD from scrubs because Boxer inspires the animals to get through the tough times on the farm like JD inspires his patients to get through their illness. They are both very caring.

Boxer can be compared to Happy of the seven dwarfs because they both are usually always working. Boxer would be the happy dwarf because he never complained about his work.

I can imagine Boxer wanting to be like Superman. Superman looks out for the town and Boxer tries to l0ok out for the animals. Boxer was also very brave in the battle like how Superman is brave.

A test with an F as a grade could represent Boxer because even though he tried, he just never was very intelligent. He did the worst when the pigs tried to teach him to read.




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