Boxer and Proletariats

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Boxer and Proletariats


Boxer is a horse in Animal Farm. He is the most hardworking and dedicated animal on the farm and is often seen as the "perfect citizen". In the novella, he is an allegory for the Proleteriats (Russian working-class).

In Russia, the proletariats helped to get rid of the Tsar Nicholas and created the Soviet Union. In Animal Farm, Boxer helped to kick out Jones and then Animal Farm was created. (This is seen in the Battle of Cowshed) But then, both of them were betrayed by their leaders and were sent to their doom.

The Proletarian Class is dependant on the Bourgeoisie and their government, and also do not hold much political power. When Boxer is no longer useful to the pigs, he is sent away to be killed. In the eyes of the pigs, Boxer is the ideal citizen and worker. He is mindlessly obidient and loyal and his only goal lies in the completion of more work."I will work harder.""Napolean is always right."The proletarians are the ideal citizens in Russia. Their primary role in their society is to work. The Proletarians were eventually betrayed by the Stalinists.

Boxer was extremely devoted to the current leader. For example, when Snowball had said that Ribbons were the mark of humans, Boxer immediately went to grab his straw hat and threw it into the flames. (pg. 9)

In the Animal Farm society, intelligence equals power. Boxer is a very unintelligent individual. As a result of this, despite his physical power, he is not a very politically powerful character in Animal Farm. This also makes him very much dependant on the pigs, and unable to act on his own without their guidance.


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