box turtle

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by s6cox2h
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  • s6cox2h 10 years ago

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    i didnot know that a box turtle can not be hot it can only be cold i learned it because i made it haha EMily B

  • sgsnod7 10 years ago

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    i didn't know that box turtles are so sensitive to heat!
    ~lexi g.~

  • szs4q66 10 years ago

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    I didn't know that turtles needed light. Matthew E.

  • s8de3mh 10 years ago

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    Had No Idea Box Turtles Were So Lazy In The Summer. Haha!- Devin R. Mongeon

  • sb9n42q 10 years ago

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    i didnt know that when it gets too hot that box turtles hide under a decaying logs,leafs,mammal burrows and mud!
    By Michael G.

  • se26bgm 10 years ago

    se26bgm's avatar

    I didn't know that turtles play an important part in our ecosystem. Jordyn King

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