box turtle

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by s6cox2h
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  • srpgegh 10 years ago

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    Wow I didn't know they where only in North Carolina and common there. I also didn't know there preferred body temp was 84-100 degrees. Ryan B

  • s2au54z 10 years ago

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    Phillip J.

  • s9mg9cj 10 years ago

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    i didnt know that box turtle are inactive during summer days because of the heat.
    Brandon f

  • s8egu9k 10 years ago

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    In what way are they important to the ecosystem? Carson C.

  • sx6q626 10 years ago

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    a lot of ways!!! lazy in heat.justin m

  • s28c759 10 years ago

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    Box turtles are amazing they are so fun to learn about. I did not know that they cant be to hot. chase hatfield

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