Box Out

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Box Out

Box Out

If I could retitle this book I would rename it Coaches Prayer. I would rename it this because the whole book is about Liam having to stop or deal with the fact that coach is illegally saying prayers with the team during games. Another reason why I would rename this book coaches prayer is because the entire book revolves areound the coach and his prayers. In addition, it is a big part of the book that I think should be recongized, unlike Box Out which makes you think a whole different concept then what the book is really about. Lastly, the tittle Coaches Prayer is interesting. This title would make people want to read the book while still giving a clue on what the book is about.

Dear God, Please help us win tonight as we do your work for you

The theme of this book is "stand up for what you believe in even if you are the only one that is standing." This is a possible theme for the book because it is a good lesson and it explains the lesson that Liam learned in the book. For example, when the coach started idoing prayers Liam had to do what he thought was right and stand up for what he believed even though no one on his team was backing him up. In addition, Liam ended up quitting the team. but still learned an important lesson and ended up having a better deal when he was invited to help the girls basketball team.

My rating for this book is 3 out of 4, because it was good through out the last 3 quarters of it but in the 1st quarter it was boring and dragged on. I would recommand this book because it is interesting, suspensful adn a great sports book for all ages. For example. when Liams coach was doing the prayer it was really suspensful. It was especially suspensful when Liam found out that it was illegal to recite prayers at their age. especially when the coach is forcing evertone t obelieve what he believes, not matter what their religion/ beliefs are. It can really relate to sports fans and is fun to read.

Dear Journal, As you know, I have made it onto the boys varsity basketball team as a substitute for one of their hurt players. However, the coach is illegally reciting prayers in the locker rooms before, after, and during the games. I just don't feel dcomfortabale reciting them as a christian. We have already lost Darius our best player because of this, along with many other things the coach has/is doing. Mom feels as though I should do something about it, and as for dad well I haven't talked about it to him. So today I think I am going to talk to someone that can help. Whish me the best of luck!Sincerely,Liam

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