Box Jelly Fish

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Box Jelly Fish

Mrs. Boudreau period 7

Here are some pictures of Box Jellyfishes

The 3 main places Box Jellyfish live is Indonesia, Austraila, and New Zeland. The Shaded part is where they are mainly at.

This is a video of guy getting stung by a Box Jellyfish

The Box Jellyfish is related another deadly Jellyfish called the irukandji jellyfish. Here are some pictures

Box Jellyfish-Box Jelly Fish are extreme because they are known as the most poisonous animal in the world.- Box Jelly Fish mainly eats Zoo Planktons, smaller fish, and sometimes other Jelly Fish. Box Jelly Fish are usually eaten by spadefish, sunfish, and loggerhead turtles.- Box Jelly Fish are classified as scyphozoans.- A Box Jelly Fish no bigger than your fingernail can kill a human with one sting!-Box Jelly Fish has 15 tentacles, which grow from each corner of the bell and can reach up to a length of 10 feet (3 m). Box jellyfish have 24 eyes, six on each side of the cubed bell and four brains!- Box Jelly Fish are not really common here in Orinda but they sort of are at Indonesia, Australia, and New Zeland. They are considered pests also for killing about 90-100 people a year.

Box JellyFishby Scott Linney and Ethan Yen

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They are related to Box Jellyfish because they are both highly venomous, but the Box Jellyfish is more fast at killing

Jellyfishes adapt to living by being made up of 95% water, making them float effectively in the waters

Box Jellyfishes adapt to their life also by having poisonous stinging cells in them. These stinging cells (cnidocytes) help them to ward off potential predators and it also helps them catch their food easily.


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