[2013] Cody Phalen: Bowling

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[2013] Cody Phalen: Bowling

The rarest bowling score is 292A bowling lane is 60ft (to the first pin) x 4ftBowling balls were made from wood until the 1900'sBowling is the most participated sport in AmericaThere are 39 boards on a laneStrike out: 3 strikes in the 10th frameTurkey: 3 strikes in a rowHambone: 4 strikes in rowPocket: For a right hander in would be between the 1 and 3 pin; for a left hander, between the 1 and 2 pinBrooklyn: Hitting the opposite pocketMark: A non open frame(strike or spare)

Health Benefits

Weight Loss: Bowling three games is equivilent to walking 6/10 of a mile which can be anywhere from 170-300 cal. Muscles: By the motions made while bolwing, it tones the shoulder,arms, chest, and legs. Three games with a 16lb ball is about 864lbs total.It is also said that bowling can help improve circulation along with lowering cholestoerol and blood pressure.


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Did you know?


Bowling can be traced back 4000 yrs. 2000 yrs later it developed into bocce (outdoor bowling). Pins as we know them originate about circa 300 a.d. More modern style bowling began in the early 1100's. The 1800's was the beginging of bowling as a sport. The PBA was created in 1959.



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