Bousfield November ROTM

by amyebudz
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Bousfield November ROTM

Resident of the Month

Resident of the month goes to Alex Bensimhon for his unrelenting participation in the Pumpkin Sugar Cookie Program. I am blown away with both his baking skills and willingness to help. The cookies looked amazing, and judging by how quickly they went, they were pretty darn good, too! THIS is a prime example of what defines a great resident. Way to be involved, Alex!

I nominate Nik Jacobs for resident of the month! He is a very genuine and great resident to have. He serves as a friendly face on the floor and always makes an effort to stop by programs when he can.He has done a great job being an influential person to have on the floor this year.

I nominate Chris Canty for resident of the month. He is always friendly and likes to show up to my programs. He is very vocal with his suggestions on hall programs and even offers to help with the planning and publicity. He is a great person to collaborate with when it comes to programs.

I nominate Dominique Sanders for resident of the month. She is a member of my social programming committee and is always willing to let us use her X-box for programs. She attends programs across the building and is an active member of Hall Council as well. She is a model resident and I really enjoy having her on my floor. You rock girl!

I nominate Dan Long for resident of the month. He is ALWAYS cracking down on his academics, especially his Accounting work which is seems to always be diligently working on which I highly commend him for. We should name a chair in our floor lounge after him because he can always be found there putting in work. Keep up the efforts Dan!

I would like to nominate Jay Reed for resident of the month. He was a huge help with this month’s set of bulletin boards. Jay is someone that I see not only supporting my programs, but other programs around the building as well. Jay is also a part of Hall Council, and he has played an integral part in the success of their programs. Overall, he is a well rounded guy who is very invested into his academics, wellness, and is always a huge help.

This month, one resident that has consistently stood out and exemplified what it means to be a student living in UniversityHousing is Charles Jaris. He is always the first to programs and the last to leave. He has a witty comment for everything and can always make you laugh. He works extremely hard and spends good amounts of time studying for exams. Shake n Bake Charles! Keep it up. Shout out to Adam and George as well!! The 5th floor marching band squad!!

Resident of the Month will most certainly beFernando Rodriguez . He was such a great help for my programs this month and they were a huge success thanks to him and his ability to gather people.



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