Bourgeoisie Revolution

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Social Studies
European history

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Bourgeoisie Revolution

Bourgeoisie Class:-Money and influence-No real political power-Educated and hard-working-Stuck in the Third Estate


- Equal rights for all- Bourgeoisie are just as good as the nobles


Who We Are

Allies & Enemies

What We Want:-A strong leader who won't spend all of our hard-earned tax money on parties!-Equal rights for all

Allies:-The Third Estate-Jean-Paul Marat -Maximilien RobespierreEnemies:-The First and Second Estate-King Louis XVI-Queen Marie Antoinette

We worked hard for the money we earned, and now we demand respect for it!

Olivia, Adam, Nicole, Tristan, Sotirios

We have the same amount of money and respect as the nobles, but no real political power!

We want equal rights and liberty for all!


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