Bottle Rocket Lab

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Bottle Rocket Lab

A. 2 - 2 liter bottles (one cut in half)B. Paper towel roll or gift wrap rollC. Soft top covering for nose of rocket coneD. Cardboard or foam board for finsE. Duct tape or electrical tapeF. Decorate itemsG. Creativity

Bottle Rocket Lab







I predict my bottle rocket will have a hangtime of at least 6 seconds.

How do I build a water rocket capable of having a hangtime of at least 6 seconds?

In the Rocket Lab I asked the question: How can I build a bottle rocket to have at least 6 seconds of hangtime? My Rocket Lab purpose is to: Build a rocket that is able to have a hangtime of at least 6 seconds. I claim that the rocket that is light and used very minimal materials will fly the highest. My prediction was: My rocket will have a hangtime of at least 6 seconds. My prediction supports my results because my rocket had a hangtime of 6 seconds. My evidence is: My rocket was made with 4 fins and little duct tape. This made it light and able to fly high. It also had a long nose enabling it to fly straight up. My rocket was made with little duct tape so it wasn't heavy and could fly higher than others. My overall design was good because it met all the requirements and had 6 seconds of hangtime. Reflection: I used to think the rocket that was heavy and sturdy would fly high, but now I think the rocket that is light and sturdy will fly even higher.

1) Place 1 - 1 liter bottle on a flat surface. 2) Cut 1/3 of another 1 liter bottle and tape it to the opposite side of the opening cap area of the first 2 liter. 3) Wrap paper around the first bottle until you cannot see anymore plastic and tape it to the bottle so it does not fall off. 4) Attach the roll to the 1/3 bottle cap and tape it in place. 5) Place a ping pong ball in the top of the roll so it has a round top and tape it on. 6) Attach 4 fins on the bottle equal length apart so there is equal space in between all 4 fins. 7) Tape the fins onto the rocket and make sure they are on tightly. 8) Spray paint the entire rocket the color of your choice, making sure the bottom area where water goes in is covered so paint doesn't go in the body. 9) Add any last finishing touches on the rocket. 10) The rocket is ready to be launched.

Claims and Evidence

I used: Silver spraypaint, duct tape, 2 - 2 liter bottles, a gift wrap roll, ping pong ball, and foam.

This is a side view of my rocket. It has American flags and is painted silver.

This is the bottom view of my rocket. It has an American flag and 4 fins.

This is a diagram of a bottle rocket.


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