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Social Studies

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Age Dependency Ratiototal dependency ratio 55.3%youth dependency ratio-49.7%elderly dependency ratio-5.6%

Age-Sex Structure:0-14 years (male 363,264/female 349,517)15-24 years (male 290,090/female 235,894)25-54 years (male 433,246/female 381,151)55-64 years (male 43,604/female 54,261)65 years and over (male 35,346/female 53,346)

Urban population- 57.4%Rural population-42.6%

By: Katie, Andrew and MaxTotal Fertility Rate: 2.33 children per womanCrude Birth Rate: 20.96 births per thousand peopleCrude Death Rate: 13.39 deaths per thousand peopleInfant Mortality Rate: 8.93 deaths per thousand birthsNatural Increase Rate: 7.57


Living with HIV/Aids: 392,400Deaths from HIV/AIDS: 5,100

Net Migration Rate: 4.56 migrants per thousand citizens

Population Density: 3.6 people per square kilometerAverage Education Rate: 9.5% of the population

Age-Sex Structure

Political Map

Physical Map

Life Expectancy Total: 54.18 yearsMales: 55.97 yearsFemales: 52.33 years

Abortion and birth control are available for Botswanans, but they are not used often because there is no population policy.

Population Pyramid

Demographic Transitionchanges in last 20 years: high population increaseDemographic Transition Stage: Stage 3

Gender Equality? YESNet-In Migrants? YES, from ZimbabweDo people migrate from Botswana? If so, why? YES, flooding

Population Density Map


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