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grasslands contain many types of grass. such as BLUE GRAMA GRASS, BUFFALO GRASS, LITTLE BLUE STEM. BIG BLUE STEM, AND SWITCH GRASS.


GRASSLAND:/'gras,land/nouna large open area of country covered with grass, especially one used for grazing."rough grassland"

FASCINATING FACTS:Blue Grama Grass: native to short/tall grass prairies in Central North America, makes up 75%-90% of the grasses there, and can grow up to 18 inches tall.Buffalo Grass: tolerant of drought, extreme heat, and high winds and its scientific name is 'bouteloua dactyloides'Big Blue Stem: blooms from June-September and grows purplish flower spikes but can also extend to 3-10 ft. highSwitch grass: found in remnant prairies Little Blue Stem grass: it is used in landscape planting because of its beauty and ability to withstand drought conditions

PLANTS IN GRASSLANDS:~Blue Grama Grass~Buffalo Grass~Big Blue Stem Grass~Little Blue Stem Grass~Switch grass

blue grama grass (above)big blue stem grass (below)

buffalo grass (above)little blue stem (below)

switch grass

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