Boston Tea Party

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Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party

Key Figures InvolvedSamuel AdamsNathaniel GreenePaul RevereThomas CraftsGeorge HewesThomas MelvillDavid Kinnison

David Kinnison

Why I Find This InterestingI find this event so interesting because it was kept secret from the public for so long. If I had to keep such a big rebellion a secret it'd definitely be hard. These men planned this for months and it went off without a hitch. They most definitely got their point across on how they felt about the unfair tax the British put on their tea.

Why It's Important The Boston Tea Party is such an important event in history because it shows the colonists final stand before war breaks loose in America. They had finally had enough of the British oppression they had dealt with for too long. This was their way to express how they felt towards their oppressors and the taxes that were being forced upon them. This event begins to show how the Patriots rallied together for independence, which they continue to do throughout the war.

What happened?The Boston Tea Party was the event in which Samuel Adams and his organization, the Sons of Liberty, dressed up as MohawkIndians and dumped 342 crates of tea into Boston Harbor to protest the tax on tea fromthe British.

When it happenedDecember 16, 1773

Quick Facts!-The colonists only goal was to destroy the cargo on the ships- There are only 180 known men who participated in the Tea Party- It took the Patriots, including Paul Revere, 3 hours to dump the tea- The East India Tea Company reported losses that would equal over one million dollars today - The crates were smashed open with tomahawks and thrown into the water- The 342 crates of tea was equivalent tomore than 46 tons of tea leaves. This would've made almost 19 million cups of tea!

Nathaniel Greene

Samuel Adams

Paul Revere

Thomas Melvill

George Hewes

Thomas Crafts


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