Boston Tea Party

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Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party was organized by Samuel Adams and a group of colonists, the Sons of Liberty to stop the East India Company tea from being unloaded in the port citites. The Boston Tea Party was about the members of the Sons of Liberty protesting the Tea Act by dumping chests of tea into the Boston Habor. The Boston Tea Party took placed in Boston at the Boston Habor. It was started because even though the price for tea was lowered, colonists still had to pay the taxes on the tea and other tea merchants couldn't compete with the East India Company.

Historical SignificanceThe Boston Tea Party enraged the British government. This pushed the two sides closer to war.

Boston Tea Party

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In the end, Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty boarded the tea ships and threw 90,000 pounds of tea overboard. Because this outraged the British Parliament, they passed the Intolerable Acts.



Important Dates

May 10, 1773- Tea Act was passedDecember 16, 1773- Colonists began protesting the Tea Act by throwing 342 cases of tea into the Boston HaborMarch 28, 1774- Intolerable Acts were enforced

-Boston Tea Party-


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