Boston Tea Party

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Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party

Date: December 16, 1773.

Cause: The colonist were sick and tired of the taxes the British were putting on them to pay for the F & I war. The Tea Acts, however, they felt were intolerant. The Tea Acts made them only sell and get tea from the East India Company. This angered the colonist greatly and caused for a revolt.

Location: The Boston Harbor, in Boston.

Ships involved - Darthmouth, Eleanor, Beaver

Over 116 people were involved in the Boston Tea Party. The Sons of Liberty is the group that lead it. Some of the key people are John Adams, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, James Otis, Josiah Quincy, Paul Revere, Dr. Joseph Warren, and many more.

340 chests of tea were destoryed during the boston tea party. The Sons of Liberty dumped them over the ships into the harbor. They did this for a good three hours.

Results: After the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Harbor shut down. The British were very angry about this and taxed them to pay back for all of the tea lost. This was called the Intolerable Acts (1774) and known as the Boston Port Acts. THis outraged the colonist even more. The Acts lead to the Quartering Act, Qurbec Act, and others. The colonist protested and these acts lead to the First Continental Congress.

The Sons of Liberty disguised themsleves as Mohawk Indians to hide their identities. They knew if they were caught they would face severe punishment.

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Importance: The Boston Tea Party was the first big sign of defince by the Americans. It showed them that they can fight back. It played a big factor into leading to the spark of American Revolution.

I thought the Boston Tea Party was really interesting. To me, Im shocked that they could destory that much tea for three hours, without the British noticing anything while they were doing it. I love that they had disguises. I love that they stood up to the British. I love sweet tea and I would be mad if I could only buy it from one company.


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