[2015] Jami Fassnacht: Boston tea party

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[2015] Jami Fassnacht: Boston tea party

What Happened?

Boston Tea Party:1773

The Boston Tea Party led to the Revolutionary War and the creation of the United States. In November the first shipment of tea, from the East India Company, was delivered to Boston but it was never unloaded because the radicals prevented the owner from doing so. Ultimately, the action of not allowing Englands ships to return led to drastic actions. One action imparticular was when 60 men disguised as Indians raided three ships damaging a total of $18,000 of East India Company equipment and tea. Their fear that the colonists would buy the tea at low prices led them to those actions. Now, colonists continue to boycott ships carrying tea up and down the coast of North America.

Lasting Impact

The actions that occured on the night of the Boston Tea Party were atrocious and may be considered the opening shots of the Revolutionary War. The men who disguised themselves as Native American's had no right to damage the tea that was being imported. A large amount of money in equipment was lost during the kerfuffle and will lead to the Coercive Acts which will elimanate the import of tea until the damaged tea is paid for. Finally, these actions not only affect the colonists but the movement of trade.

Taking Action

General Thomas Gage


Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea PartyJami Fassnacht

General Thomas Gage's military career did not begin until 1754 to serve in the French and Indian War. In 1763 he became commander in chief of all British forces in North America. Eventually, he gained control over 50 garrisons and stations. In the events that occured at the kurfuffle now called the Boston Tea Party, Thomas Cage was determined to put the Coercive Acts in effect to prevent the actions that occured. Gage is currently known as the protagonist of the British. General Gage's decison to order the march to Lexington and Concord to uncover ammunition and capture Samuel Adams, which ultimatley failed, led to the start of the Revolutionary war.

Furthermore, laws need to be made to ensure the safelty of the colonists. To ensure this, Parliament is passing acts such as the Declatory Act to reaffirm, their rights to tax and control the colonies.

December 17, 1773


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