[2014] Elyse Sais (Gibbs Homeroom): Boston, Massachusetts

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[2014] Elyse Sais (Gibbs Homeroom): Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, MassachusettsBY:Elyse Sais


The Farm

LifeA typical day on the farm started early in the morning as soon as the sun began to rise. Farmers needed to take advantage of every minute of daylight to get their work complete. The family would have a quick breakfast of porridge and beer and then everyone would go to work. The women and men work was very different.The men worked outside on the farm and the fields. What they did depended on the time of year. During the spring they would be tilling and planting the fields. They had to do all the work by hand or with the help of an ox or horse. During the fall they had to gather the harvest. The rest of the time they tended the fields, took care of their livestock, chopped wood, fixed fences, and repaired the house. There was always more work to do. The women worked every bit as hard as the men. They prepared the meals, sewed and mended the clothing, made candles, managed the garden, prepared food for the winter, wove cloth, and raised the children.

The Meaning and Definition of the Boston Massacre: The Boston Massacre was a pre-revolutionary incident that occurred on March 5, 1770. British soldiers, who were quartered in the city, fired into a rioting mob killing five American civilians in the Boston Massacre.British troops had been sent to Boston in 1768 to maintain order, protect the customs officers and to enforce the Townshend Acts.

What they eatThey eat crops,birds,dairy and more. What they ate in their crop field. Wheat, rice, corn, beans, squash, pumkins. What they got from Europe. Pork, beef, lamb. What they got from birds. Turkey, geese, chicken. What they had from dairy.Milk,butter, cream,and cheese.

The slaves

It was founded in 1630. It had the population of 7,000. They had the Boston Tea Party started with a rebell they did not want taxes so they thorw the tea over board.So they stop it for a little while .I wouldn't want to live there because girls did not get good learn skills

Boston, Massachusetts


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