Bosnia ' Herzegovina

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Bosnia ' Herzegovina

Don't lie down and eat your food, its considered rude here!

Languages - They speak Bosnian, Crotain, and Serbian -They say things like "Dobar dan" ' "Dobarveče" to greet one another.

Bosnia ' HerzegovinaElysia Schooley

View Of Bosnia

In bosnia, proper etiquette includes sitting up while eating a meal and accepting a meal offer given by someone if you are visiting their home!

Bosnian Flag

This is the map of the area!

One holdiay celebrated is Statehood day on November 25th, on this day in 1943 anti-facist council of Bosnia' Herzegovina adopted a resoultion that these countries were an equal community of Serbs, Muslims, and Croats.

Bosnia is 6 hrs ahead of us!(Ex.) if it is 1 am here it will be 7 am there!

Nationality Noun: Bosnian(s), ' Herzegovinaian(s)Adj: Bosnian, HerezgovinianEthnicity: Bosniak-48%, Serb 37%, Croat 14%, other .6%

This is what the local food looks like.

If you point your finger at someone in Bosnia, it would be the equivlant to giving someone the finger in America!

Embassys in the Us include :Ambassador Jadranka NEGODIC 2109 E Street NW, Washington, DC 20037telephone: [1] (202) 337-1500FAX: [1] (202) 337-1502 ^^^^^^


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