Boron Family

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Boron Family

The Boron Family

Where is it located?It is Located In Group 13 on the Perodic Table

Each Elemet In The Family 13 Has 3 Valence Electrons

Physical Properties - 1 Metalloid and 5 Metals - Atomic Radius Increases Down The Group - Soft (Not Boron) - Realtive Temperatures - Good Condutor

Chemical Properites - Most of the elements in the boron group show increasing reactivity as the elements get heavier in atomic mass and higher in atomic number.

Boron compounds are being evaluated for treating the alloys arthritis

Alloys of aluminum are used in construction of aircrafts and rockets

Gallium arsenide (GaAs) can produce laser light directly from electricity.

Indium is used in the production of low-melting alloys

was once used as a rat and ant poison

Nothing Yet

Family 13 elements are are mix of both due to the fact that Ununtrium is radioactive but the other elements are harnless to us from what we know at the moment. Such as the fact that webmd says that a side of effect of Boron is LIKELY SAFE. which leads me to say that it is harmless to us.


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