[2016] Till Engelmann: BORON

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Chemical Elements

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[2016] Till Engelmann: BORON

You can find boron in not so many places. You can only find boron in Turkey, USA, Argentinia, Chile,Russia, China and Peru. You can only find boron in minerals,wich you can isolate very hard. Boron was discovered by joseph louis gay lussac and louis jaques thenard. They Isolated it in the lab combining boric acid and potassium. Boron is also nature made! you can also find boron in chikpeas,almonds,beans, vegtables,bananas,walnuts,avocado,broccoly,prunes,oranges,red grapes,apples,raisins,pears fruits and vegetables.

There are lots of uses that come out of boron. You use boron when you are using soap,ceramics,glass,fiberglass,flareguns,heat resistant glass andmedicine those are the uses. Humans have changed it in a way thatthey use it to cure people when they are sick,when your on a boat and you need help,when you stink and carry germs around then you use soap. There are many more uses of boron!

There are also negatives in boron. It irritates the the eye so the the eye see's dizeenis, and it hurts the uper respitory trackt.




where can you find Boron?

There are many posotives about Boron. Soap has made lifebetter because without it you would stink and carry lots of sickneses. flare guns are good on the water becausewhen your in truoble you can use it to call for help!!! fiber glass makes life easier because it is harder than other materials so they put it on boats! You can use boron also in cleaning powder to clean counters or tables!!!boron also is good to strengthen the bones!!! .


the atomic number of boron is 05 andthe atomic symbolis B

When you isolate boron it is a chemical change because it is not any more a mineral.When you put boron in a silly puttythen you cant put it back to pure boron.


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