[2015] Devyn Zuro: Born Bad - Literary Devices

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[2015] Devyn Zuro: Born Bad - Literary Devices

Literary Devices

Born Bad

Anaphora:"It might have been the day that gray photographs was taken. It might have been the day she was holding cousin Totchy and baby Frank. It might have been the moment she pointed to the camera for the kids to look and they wouldn't," (Cisneros 59).

Imagery:"She never saw the dirty dishes in the sink. She couldn't see the ceilings dusty with flies, the ugly maroon walls, the bottles and sticky spoons," (Cisneros 60).

Symbolism:"In her Joan Crawford dress and swimmer's legs" (Cisneros 58).

Simile:"But I knew her from the disease that would not go, her legs bunched under the yellow sheets, the bones gone limp as worms," (Cisneros 58).

Symbolism:"My aunt, a little oyster, a little piece of meat on an open shell for us to look at," (Cisneros 60).




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