BORING 11:00 hurryup

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BORING 11:00 hurryup

On Decemeber 5, 1945 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 5 bombers took of on a training mission around 2pm. The planes were in good condition and full of fuel. Around 3:40 the planes were towards home and something went wrong. At 6:20 the planes disappeared out of fight. 5 planes 14 men GONE?

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle stretches out over the Atlantic ocean of 500,000 sqaure miles. It is from Miami, Florida to Bermuda to Puerto Rico

Severe storms as warm and cold air masses collide over the ocean. Really, it's right in hurricane central. Add the fast gluf stream that runs through and its a disaster waiting to happen.

Deep under the Bermuda Triangle there are pokects of trapped methane gas. If it bubbles up to the surface it lowers the density of the water but do you think it could potentially sink a ship? If the gas gets high in the air and comes in contact with a plane it could stall the engine and cause it to spark which leads to another plane on the sea floor!


Could it be pirates? Just beneth the Carribean (remember Pirates of the Carribean.) Well this is all pirate territory. So are pirates taking people and leaving the ships to sink.

People say that the Bermuda Triangle is haunted by the souls of ost afircan black slaves when they were thrown overboard on they're trip to America.



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