Boreal Shield

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Boreal Shield

Boreal Shield is one of the largest ecozones in the country. The Boreal Shield is roughly around 1 774 000 km2. Boreal Shield covers from Newfoundland, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and a very small part of Alberta.

Boreal Shield

The Boreal Shield has lots of small rivers and endless forests. The normal temperature in spring for Boreal Shield is roughly around 13ºC. In the winter the center area is usually around -1ºC, but the lowest the temperature has dropped was about -20ºC on the Western edges of the ecozone. It has a wide range of precipitation. It has been ranged from 400mm at lowest to about 1600mm as the highest.

The most common landform is the low hills and plains mainly found on the west coast, this makes this area the best area for farming. There is a large forest usually called “an endless forest” because it is so large it can stabilize the economy by the forestry industry.

In Boreal Shield there is an area where Precambrian granite bedrock is exposed on the surface of the land. There is mostly metamorphic rock in the area. Metamorphic rock is made by intense pressure and heat.

•one of the most popular vacationing areas in Canada like Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario •with Boreal Shields’s waters (lakes and river) there is about 22% fresh water in this area•the only ecozone that touches west and east part of Canada•1/5 of this ecozone is made up of bog and wetlands


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