Boreal Shield Ecozone

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Boreal Shield Ecozone

Boreal Shield Ecozone


The Boreal Shield is the largest ecozone, extends in a broad, U-shape from northern Saskatchewan to Newfoundland.

Black bear, bobcat, moose, white-tailed deer,lynx, marten, woodland caribou, raccoon, eastern chipmunk, fisher and striped skunk


Human activitiesinclude hunting, trapping, fishing ,mining, forestry, hydroelectricity,and tourism.

White birch, trembling aspen, and balsam poplar, and needle-leaf trees, such as white, red, and jack pine, are found in the south.

*Please don't over hunt, trapping and fisihing!*

Boreal shield covers a big part of Canada.The west side is flat while there is more trees to the east.

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