Boreal forest/taiga

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Weather and Climate

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Boreal forest/taiga

General InformationLoation: Found in a continous belt across North America and Eurasia. Most of Canada and Russia are covered by confierous trees that make up this biome.subarctic climate: shows the precipitation and temperatures of each month. The line graphs represent the temperature and the bar graphs represent the precipitation (rainfall)Climate: -The boreal forest is similar to regions of sub arctic and cold continental climate-There are long, severe winters temperatures below freezing -short summers, lasting for about 50 to 100 days -The temperature is a wide range between the lows of winter and highs of summer. -The annual precipitation is around 15 to 20 inches, but low evaporation rates make this a humid climate. -The relative humidity range is 45 to 50%.

Boreal Forest/Taiga

When to visit It is best to visit the boreal forests/taiga at the end of the summer. The summer is short and cool with an average temperature of 5℃

Threats- exploration for natural gases- global warming- hydroelectric projects- logging

Limiting Factors- bitter cold, long winter, - Heavy snowfall, - large variation in temperature - short summer time - precipitation.

Soil- spodsoles from heavy rains- The moisture combined with sand causes the water to leach minerals and organic matter downward.Plant/Animal Life- Black Spruce, Paper Birch, White Fir, and Balsam Fir-Black Bears, Bald Eagles, Red Foxes, Gray Wolves, and River Otters

Fun FactsThe boreal forest represents 29% of the world’s forest cover. During the winter The boreal forest can easily reach -67˚F. The aurora borealis is named after the roman goddess of dawn, aurora, and the greek name for the north wind boreas.

Dangers: Large mammals such as Black bears and grey wolves can cause physical harm and many people can get lost due to the large trees. The trees can stop enough sunlight from getting through to make navigation very difficult.


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