Boreal Forest

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Boreal Forest

Boreal Forest

Niches:Elk- Becuass the elk is a herbivore, it controls the amount of grass that grows in its environment.Wolves- Wolves are carnivores that eat smaller animals, so it controls the amount of smaller animals so they won’t overpopulate.Red Squirels- Red squirrels are also herbivores, but instead of eating grass and plants, they eat seeds and nuts. This is so there won’t be an overgrowth in vegetation.Cloud Berry- The cloud berry is a producer and provides food for bears elk, moose, and many other animal.Willow- The willow tree is also a producer and it provides food mainly for the snowshoe hare to gaurenteee that the hares’ and their predators will not die out.

Keystone species:Snowshoe Hare.This large population is a food source for many different species.The loss of the snowshoe hare would significantly change the boreal forest. Habitats: Canada Lynx- Forests with dense undercoverMoose-RangesSnowshoe Hare- Deciduous Coniferous forests, fields, gardens, thickets, swamps, and bogs.Wolves- ForestsWoodland Caribou- Dense Forests Succession:Since November 30, 2017, lightning fires have occurred more often. Secondary succession reduces an already stabilized ecosystem.


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