Boreal Forest

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Boreal Forest

The Climate in the Boreal Forest The climate in the boreal forest is very difficult to figure out because there the temperature has a big range. The summers are short and wet. They can range from 7 to 27 degrees celsius. The winters are dry. Their range is from -40 to -5 celsius. Overall the boreal forest climate is very hard to figure out.

The Plants in the Boreal Forest There are many beautiful plants in the Boreal Forest. There are 20 types of trees in the boreal forest including pines, aspens, poplars, lurches and spruce which lose their pines every 8 to 9 years. There are also lichens which get made by fungi and algae. There are many kinds of lichens including reindeer mosses. Reindeer mosses got their name because they majorly help reindeer and caribou survive. There are different kinds of mosses cover the forest floor almost completely. The boreal forest is home to tons of plants.

Animals in the Boreal Forest There are many types of animals in the Boreal Forest. Some are endangered animals such as grizzly bears, whooping crane and the peregrine falcon. In the Boreal Forest there are more than 130 types of fish including salmon and pike. More than 50 types of mammals live in the Boreal Forest mostly bears, foxes, squirrels and wolves. Some of these mammals make dens to hibernate in the cold harsh winters but others go out into the cold and collect food instead of sleeping. Overall animals that live in the Boreal Forest are truly amazing because they can adapt to the climate of where they live.

The Landforms of the Boreal Forest The Boreal Forest has only a few different land features. One of them is permafrost. Permafrost is ground that never melts so it only is in the northern parts of the Boreal forest. One third of the Boreal Forest floor is covered in different kinds of mosses. Amazingly there are over 1.5 million lakes in the Boreal Forest! The landforms there sure are amazing.

Interesting Facts Did you know the Boreal Forest covers 53% of Canada? Sadly only 10% out of 53% is protected. Did you know the biggest Boreal Forests are located in Asia, Europe and North America. These Boreal Forests are so big they challenge the amazon for size! There are many different interesting facts about the Boreal Forest.

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