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Geography Of The Borderlands

By: Staphany Ramirez

Standard 1: Focus on Indian Lands

Standard 2: Focus on Nogales to Arizona

Standard 6:Focus on the Dream Act

Standard 9: Focus on Population

This standard takes in mind human characteristics and physical. The GRand Canyon is both since people live in there.

Standard 8: Focus on Earth's distribution of Ecosystems

Standard 3: Focus on Top Ten Latino Population

My understanding of this standard I automatically thought of mountains.

Standard 7 explains how regions are created on Earth to idetigy the locations of places.

This standard deals with understanding people. You can tell that the states closer to the border are the ones with the most Latino population.

A mental map assists when handling information inside your head to visualize better to know where you will be heading to and from.

Federal and Indian lands between the Mexican borderlands.This image uses standard one by using technology to color code the map to make it easier to understand.

Standard 7: Focus on Earth's Craters

I chose the Dream Act because that is how I percieve culture by experience.

Arizona has split up its state into multiple regions to better understand where to be headed to.

Standard 5: Focus on Arizona Regions

Standard 4: Grand Canyon

This standard discusses about the towns. I this image these are the towns of Arizona.

Standard 10: Focus on Mexican Flowers

This standard explains the migration from Mexicans moving to a different country.

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Standard 12

This standard discusses about how countries are dependent of others.

This image relates to the Earth and the influence that people have on this Earth. In this case drug cartels have a pull in this society.

Standard 13: Focus among people and Earth.

Standard 11: Focus on China and the United States

This standard explains how culture moves around fromo state to state and from place to place.

Standard 16

The damage that the weather can do to humans who are living on Earth, that is what this standard refers to.

Standard 15

The focus in this case is the influence of the damage that humans can cause dramatically if we do not take care of it well. In this case if we do not recycle.

Standaed 14

Standard 18

Standard 17

This standard covers about scarce resources. Arizona for example lacks water.

Both Standards 17 and 18 discuss about the past, present and future and how they can affect each other.


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