Borderland Geography

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Borderland Geography

Standard 1Map of Mexican/US borderSource:

Standard 18Using geography to interpret the present is extremely important in todays world and planning for the future

Standard 17Interpreting the past using geography can be very interesting especially since the borderlands has an intriguing past.

Standard 16Solar panels like thes are changes made that help us provide the resource of energy.

Standard 15The enivornment has great effect on humans, such as people can get injuried or die from a flood like the one shown above.Source:

Standard 14Humans have a lot of effect on the enviorment, for instance these are human made bridges and streams in the middle of the desert.

Standard 13The US and Mexico has both cooperation and conflict but for instance their is cooperation between the two countries to solve water and sanatation problems, which is important as we share bodies of water with eachother.Source:

Standard 3: Map showing deaths related to the border.The closer you get to the border the more deaths there are, which could be interpreted to the dangers of crossing the border, and/or high crime rate in relation to border towns.Source:

Standard 6:My cultural background, I was raised in the Midwest/South so in some ways I believe that has it's own culture. But my Great Grandmother escaped the holocaust from Poland to the US, so my family has a lot of eastern European influences in our way of life.

Standard 4Human and physical characteristics seen in the bordertown such as a trains and trees and landscapeSource:

Standard 2Mental Map of my home

Standard 11The Mexican and US economy are very dependent on eachother. The US imports many goods such as fruit from Mexico.

Standard 10The culture of the bordertowns in intriguing. Day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition.

Standard 9Humans migrating is part of human systems. Therefore I found seeing the contrast in refugee seekers interesting in this map. The map goes from Mexico having some of the lowest numbers of people seeking refuge their, to the US having some of the highest numbers. I think this tells a great deal about reasoning behind migration.

Standard 8"The characteristics and spatial distribution of ecosystems and biomes on Earth's surface" such as semidesert and desert in the borderlands. Source:

Standard 12Bordertowns city settlements have rich histories such as Nogales was founded on a migratory trade route called the King's Highway.Source:

Standard 7The physical process of a stream terrace forming where the stream cuts into the floodplain

Standard 5: I believe the borderlands of US and Mexico is a formal region. A formal region is something more set in stone, that say the government puts in place. The US/Mexico border is very set in stone. There is even fencing in alot of areas to depict this. The formal region seems to be more political, and the US/Mexico border is very political in nature.The formal region share similar land, culture, vegetation, landforms, etc. Although some would say there is a major cultural difference, I believe due to the proximities the borderlands have to eachother the culture melds quite a lot. As far as landforms, climate and vegetation, they share the same everything.

Borderland GeographyBy: Annie Darlin


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