Bootlegging in the 20's, (Assignment), History

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Bootlegging in the 20's, (Assignment), History

What is bootlegging?Bootlegging is an illegal act of manufacturing, selling, and/or transporting alcohol where it is not permitted. Bootlegging began in the 1920's when the 18th Ammendment passed prohibiting the use of alcoholic beverages. This was called "Prohibition". The prohibition era only lasted for 13 years, but bootlegging still exsists in the United States, today.

1) Some Speakeasies are still in business today.2)Beer was the easiest to produce, hard liquor had to age before it was drinkable.3) Al Capone, the most known gangster of this time, made about $60 million alone in alcohol sales by 1927!

Protests for it

Protests against it

Al Capone


Fun facts about bootlegging!


"Bootlegging in the 20's"

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