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Booster Seat

I strongly believe that children should have booster seats while they take car rides. I have three reasons why children should have booster seats. Those reasons are children are in cars a lot more, state laws, and saftey.

Should Children have Booster Seats?

The number of cars has multiplied over the last couple of years. Thousands and thousands of cars are sold each year. Since there are lots cars now, that increases how many cars are on the road and that can cause car crashes.

The biggest reason why booster seats are important is the safety reasons. Over 800 children get injured and even die in car crashes per year because they are not in booster seats. More and more kids die from not being in booster seats because they do not have a booster seat or they are not in a booster seat.

Children who have booster seats have a lower risk of breaking laws, fines, and bones. The biggest fine for your child if they are not in a booster seat in Colorado is $82 for the 1st offense. The fine depends on the age, size, and weight of your child. For example, if your child is small, the fine would be higher, but if you have a bigger child, the fine would be lower.

Look at a Safety Website!

Look at a Law Website!


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