boom town

by ElizabethCoomer
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boom town

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INSTRUCTIONS1. Turn to pg. 12 and 13. Listen to the audio button in purple as you read along. Complete numbers 1 & 2 at the bottom of pg 12. 2. Write a sentence with 5 of your spelling words.3. Listen to the story Boom Town as you read along in your book. Read it again on your own. Click the Discovery tab and watch the videos on The Gold Rush. 4.Click on the Learn Zillion tab and complete the lesson. Do one of the seat works to the right.5. Post all of the writen work you have don onto your Glog.6. Click on the Pink paper and do the Cause and Effect Lesson.HAVE FUN!

SPELLING WORDSfinishpilotevenwagonmusicsilentrapidfemalelemonpupilfocusrobottulipcamelsaladCHALLEGE WORDSRESIDENTSPINACHCLIMATETRADITIONINNOCENT

Reading Works lesson

Compare & Contrast lesson

Discovery Education!

Learn Zillion