Boom Times - 1920's (by choco234)

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Boom Times - 1920's (by choco234)

The Great War ends

Cutback on weapon production

Millions of soldiersleft jobless

Sharp rise in unemployment


1920's Presidential Elections

Running mate: Clavin Coolidge

Warren G. Harding

Calvin Coolidge

James M. Cox

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Check out PresidentHarding's campaignspeech here!

Check out a speechon World War I byJames M. Cox!

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Warren G. Harding, who ran with Calvin Coolidge, had the campaign strategy of ‘normalcy’, which was returning the country to its normal state of wealth and stability, rather than making promises of reform. This concept attracted the eye of the public, and Harding won the election easily. Keeping his promises, Harding put together a group of people dedicated to lowering the amount of debt the government owed, and working to keep government interference out of the economy. He also raised tax cuts so wealthier people could start businesses and provide jobs for other Americans. Harding was successful with his proceedings, and the economy boomed. Harding put a lot of his trust into his good friends, and appointed them to good positions. This would soon backfire, as the Teapot Dome scandal was revealed.

The democrats ran James M. Cox for president, believing they still had hope to continue with President Wilson’s reform ideas. He ran with Franklin D. Roosevelt, but lost the 1920’s election horribly.

Teapot Dome Scandal

Check out this short animation about the scandal!

The Teapot Dome scandal was an affair that involved the Pan American Petroleum Company, owned by Edward L. Doheny, the Mammoth Oil Corporation, owned by Harry F. Sinclair, and one of President Harding's trusted friends, Albert Fall.The control of oil reserves in Elk Hills, California, and Teapot Dome, Wyoming, were given to thesetwo oil companies by Albert Fall.In return, he was given hugesums of money as bribes.Albert Fall was caught, andearned the title of the firstcabinet member ever to beconvicted while in office.

Before the details of thisscandal could be released to thepublic, President Harding hada heart attack and passed away.As Vice President, Calvin Coolidgetook over. Click the link belowto see his achievements in office, and to continue reading.



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