Boom goes the Stomach

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Boom goes the Stomach

Boom Goes the Stomach

My Hypothesis




My Equipment


My hypothesis was “If a person ingested vinegar and baking soda, their stomach would expand too much and explode.” After all 3 experiments, I found that the person’s stomach would expand, but never explode. The balloon reached the size of a large cantaloupe. Normally, the human stomach can stretch to hold about 2 liters of liquid or food. Since a cantaloupe doesn’t hold that much liquid, there may not even be discomfort. But there may be some release of gases in the form of burps or even farts. This means that my hypothesis failed and I have to reject it. The balloons I used were balloons that you would put helium into, which makes them very strong. I think in the future, if I used a different type of balloon that is not as strong, like a water balloon, I may have a different result.

If a human ingested 1 tablespoon of baking soda and then drank two ounces of vinegar, their stomach would expand and then explode. This is because of the chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar in a enclosed space. The reaction releases gases, the gases would stretch out the stomach, causing it to explode.

blowup balloons to expand and make space for vinegar and baking sodaattach balloon to funnelpour vinegar into the funneltake balloon off of the funnelopen the top of the balloon very wide to (fit the baking soda packet in)clip the top of the balloon so the air doesn’t come outshake balloon wellwait, observe reaction

FunnelBalloons (3)Food dyeBaking soda (3 tbs seprarated)Vinegar (6 oz separated)Small chip clipNapkin (1 cut into fourths)Red solo cup

What I think

What I learned

What I did

What I used

This is the link to the experiment video


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