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The Boat

Uncle Henrik's boat, The Ingeborg, is a symbol for Ellen and her family because if they get in that boat, they have a chance to live in Sweden and be able to live in peace without Nazis coming to search their homes and take them away. For them,that boat means freedom, and a chance to start over and lead a new life.

Number The Stars

By: Lois Lowry

The Star of David

The Star of David is an important symbol becauseit represents Ellen's religion. It's an important symbol because it represents Ellen and Annemarie's strong friendship.This is because, even after Ellen left, Annemarie wore Ellen's necklace and waited until she could see Ellen again. Another reason it's an important symbol is because it has a lot of memories , such as the close escape when Annemarie pulled the necklace off of Ellen's neck so the soldiers wouldn't know that Ellen was Jewish..For Annemarie, the Star of David was something to remind her of Ellen, to make it easier to wait for her to come back. It also has the memory of Annemarie hiding it in the Lise's yellow party dress.

Lise's Party Dress

The Hankerchief

The hankerciefwas an important symbol because without it, the dogs would have discovered all the people in the boat and Uncle Henrik and all the jewish people would have been punished. It symbolized that even though the Nazis were dangerous and had dogs, the Jews and the Danish people had brains, and were smart, because they outsmarted the Nazis so the dogs couldn't smell the people in the boat.

Lise's party dress was a symbol of remembrance, and respect to her memory. It's a symbol of how even though Annemarie's parents never spoke about Lise, they kept her wedding dress, her party dress, and her trosseau, a lacy pillowcase. It is also a symbol of how the Danish people would DIE for the Jewish people because they care so much.

The Swedish flag is a symbol of the only remaining place for Jewish people to go and be safe. It's a symbol of freedom, and somewhere to go when everything else isn't safe anymore. It represents a way to finally be able to escape , and get a new life somewhere else where the Jews don't have to be afraid.

The Swedish Flag

Sweden is a symbol of freedom because when the Jewish people get across, they are then free to live and be their own person without the soldiers barging in and arresting Jews and ransacking their homes. It's a symbol of living freely and actually living normally without hiding and possibly dying!

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