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Duncan is at school and he is ready to color! He opens his crayon box, but only to find that his crayons have been replaced with letters that are addressed to him.


Author: Drew Daywalt

Book Talk

Not only did Duncan just want to color, but he wanted his crayons to be happy too. And that gave him the greatest idea of all... But you'll have to read it to find out what that idea was!

Duncan just wants to color, but he can't! His crayons are gone and he is left with nothing but unhappy letters from them explaining why they each quit. They demand change! As for Duncan, he is left with no choice but to read the letters.

Title: The Day the Crayons Quit!


What if your crayons could talk? What would they say? Think about it.


Created by Katherine Kraver

In this fantasy story, Duncan's crayons quit! They have had it! The crayons are tired of being used and they do not hold back their feelings in their hilariously personal letters to Duncan. Some communicate that they are over-worked, under-worked, or simply just tired. Duncan must make a change if he wants to color with his crayons again.


Illustrator: Oliver Jeffers

This book will have you laughing and playing with crayonsin a whole new way!

Copyright: 2013 Publisher: Philomel Books Source: Children's Book Council




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