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Be there as the author's reveal King's perspective through Rosa Park's arrest and the bus boycott. These authors hide nothing and share everything, including the struggles that King endured-- from death threats to being arrested. You will learn just who inspired King of the power of peaceful protests, too. Witness King apply this method of nonviolent resistance to all of his work, including Birmingham and the freedom march. Learn more about his "I have a dream" speech and find out how Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed. You won't want to miss his last speech or his final moments. What do you say? Walk side by side with King through the civil rights movement with both of these must-have biographies!

Biography:Martin Luther King, Jr.

The author's of these complete biographies will transport you back in time. You will dive deep into King's childhood, learning about many aspects of his early days-- including stories that reveal his own experiences living in the segregated South as a young boy. Enjoy the flawless transition as the author's describe King's schooling experiences, from the early grades all the way to his college years. You will get to experience King's first job as a minister and you will get to meet his family, which includes his wife and his four children. It doesn't stop there!

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., civil rights movement, discrimination, equality, justice, segregation, freedom

Title:How Did Martin Luther King, Jr. Make History?Author: Mary WingetPublisher: Lerner Publishing Group, Inc.Copyright: 2014

Title: Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?Author: Bonnie BaderIllustrator: Elizabeth WolfPublisher: Penguin GroupCopyright: 2008

Complete Biographies

If you don't want to read both books-- don't worry! They both convey the same information, verbatim. I can assure you that the similarities outweigh the minor dissimilarities. I would highly recommend both of these texts, even if you feel as though you already know a lot about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement. I can assure you that you will learn new information and you will develop an even greater appreciation for Dr. King and the journey to freedom.

Here is a photograph of Dr. King delivering his "I havea dream speech" in the biography "How Did MartinLuther King, Jr. Make History?"

Here is an illustration of Dr. King delivering his "I havea dream speech" in the biography "Who was Martin Luther King, Jr.?"



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