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Language Arts

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by Brod BagertIllustrated by Sachiko Yoshikawa

Shout!Little Poems that Roar

Publisher: DialCopyrighted: 2007

This animated collection of lyrical poems are sure to be popular with readers of all ages! Why? Each of these poems were crafted with a child in mind. The poems are geared toward a child's restless way of being. The author, Brod Bagert, covers learning with fun. He activates readers background knowledge by writing poems about experiences in which most children can relate.

His poems are about math, school, snack time, taking turns,play time,finger painting, eating, weather, the five senses, rules, animals, and so much more!

books stars seasons

Listen to me read some poems from "Shout!" Click play next to the descriptors!

Bagert will not only have readers reminiscing, he will have themmoving as wellto the beat and rhythm of each and every line.

Some are shortand someare long

Some will have you singing along

This book of poetry can be used when teaching any of the topics above or to the right!



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