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Summary In this contemporary realistic fiction story, a young African American boy awakes to the sight of freshly fallen snow right outside his bedroom window. After breakfast, he puts on his red snowsuit and seizes the day! He embarks on a journey through the winter wonderland and puts to use his imagination along the way! The illustrations in this story enhance each crunching step that this mischievous boy takes. With creativity, there is no limit to the amount of fun one can have!

Book Talk #2

Caldecott Book1963

Golden Medal


Title:The Snowy Day

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Author/Illustrator:Ezra Jack Keats

Publisher: Viking Press Company

Copyrighted: 1962

Peter saw the big boys having a snowball fight and he thought it would be fun to join, but he was knocked down by a stray snowball. He quickly realized that perhaps he wasn't old enough to engage in such an activity, so he decided to use his imagination and get creative with the snow! He built a snowman, made snow angels, and even pretended to be a mountain climber! He discovers he can have just as much fun by himself! Who knew?


My favorite illustrations!Simplistic, yet realistic. Powerful and moving.Keats artwork could give you chills!

The Snowy Day helps bring winter to the laps of readers around the world who may never get a chance to experience their own snowy day, like these students to the left in South Africa. With that being said, it is imperative for such a story to have impeccable artwork in order for readers to gain a true sense of winter and the kind of weather and activities one might experience in that season!.


This story brought back great memories from my childhood! Here I am on a snowy day and around the same age as Peter!



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