Books? Who needs...Oh-I do

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Books? Who needs...Oh-I do


In high school no one knew that I had difficulty reading and writing. No one knew that I was behind in elementary school or that for most of my k-6 years I had to stay afterschool to get help in reading and writing. Or that I got help from tutors from an afterschool program. Most of my junior and senior year I was in Ib course which is like honors English. I ,me, in honor courses, I never thought that I would be able to do well in these course but I did and my teachers prasied me for a well paper or well analyze thought. I actually graded with a 3.0 GPA which I never thought I was going to graduated with alone with a 3.0. I thought I was going to barely make it.


I wasn't allow into kindergarten until I turned 6 years old. Which made me felt a little behind, even my teachers would tell me that I wouldn't be good in school so why even go .

So Mrs. Wolf told my mother that she needed me to stay after school with her and I felt scaried that I had fail another teacher, yet again. That I wasn't going to make in through school, and I need school -well thats what my parents told me all the titme. That if I wanted to be someone in this world and not make the same mistake as them I need to be educated.


I made it to middle school...thank goodness, I thought I wasn't going to make it. My writing skills developed over the times I spend afterschool with tutors in elementary years. I was able to understand what I read and be able to write a summaary and answer questions. Something amazing happen in the 7th grade my teacher Mrs. Z helped me I dropped from the ELD program. Which ment that I longer needed extra help with my reading and writing, that I was able to be enrolled in honors class. Mrs.Z believed in me enough to help me get of the program and start in normal english classes. I was so proud of myself, that I actually accomplished something good. I was happy being able to not enrolled in difficult course now. It felt as if I got a golden medal of the highest honors.

As I reached the third grade, Mrs. Wolf-my third grade teacher- noticed that I was having challenges with my reading and writing. That when she asked her students to write summaries about what they read, I wasn't able to.

End of 2002

Everyday after school I would stay with Mrs. Wolf to work on my reading and writing. First we would choose a book from her collection. Then we would on a desk and start to read one paragraphs at a time and talk about what I had jsut read. Once we discuss about the paragraph she would tell me to write it out. Then to read back to her what I wrote.

Books?Who uses...Oh-I do.My literacy Lifeline

Mrs. Wolf

In third grade I was able to start reading my level of grade books. But I still had difficulties understand some of the readings but I didn't want to say thing anymore. Then in fifth grade my parents left each other for a couple of months and then decided to get back to together but we had to move which ment I had to leave my school and move to somewhere I had no idea how the kids were or teachers. I was scared of the moved. I was afriad that my new fifth grade teacher was going to notice my reading and writing problem. As I was walking to the meet my new teacher I thought I was going to pass out in the hallway, but I reached for the door to go in, I felt my heart stop for a good couple of seconds. When I went in the classroom it was different to what I was expecting. The kids and teacher where all welcoming. They all welcome me and asked my from where did I come from and I tolded them. Then the teacher pull my aside for a second while the class was doing some activity. She told me that I was going to go through some exams to see where I was. But what I realized was that my other fifth grade class had barely began and this fifth grade class was in the middle of their year. Now I was even more behind now. I was screwed for. But my new fifth grade teacher talked to me after she looked over the exams I took. And she said that my reading level wasn't where it was suppose to be so she sign me up for this afterschool program where they had older students help children who had difficulties in their reading and writing. This program was the best thing that could have happen to me because they truely helped me understand that my problem was that I didn't try to focus on the reading, that I was just reading to read and the skills I learned from my third grade teacher was actually a good thing to have learned. After that I took my time in reading the books I was a whole day but I was able to actually remember what I had read.

Beginning of 2003




In the 8th grade I started to read mangas or japanese comic books well I was introducted to them and I fell in love with them. I was the first time I actually love reading day and night, during lunch and breaks. There were something that I never read before. There books with images and words but it felt like I was more than that. It was a book that had action, romance, mystery, murder, like I had a t.v. show in my hands and I love it. Eventually I started to read more and more of these comic books and started my own mini collection. Till this day I still read them, they've become my farvorite things to read in my spare time.

My first two years in high school I was put in pre-IB course which is basically gates course. My english teacher was amazing, he was the best teacher english teacher I had. He made sure that we understood our readings, he took the time to havev in class discussions to clarify anything about our readings. This made sure that I understood what I read. Mr.K was a teacher that worried about his tudents not understanding,he wanted everyone to be on the same page even though most of had a different analytical though process on the texts. We all didnt interpret metaphors and simile the same way. He actually introduced alot of different ways of analyzing a text that helped me throught my high school years. These first two years of school I found my favorite books to read of all time. My english teacher introduced to me one of many of my favorite novels, and plays.

I love to read these



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