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Books to the Big Screen

Books to the Big Screen

Feeling Romantic? Try the Longest Ride.

Pick a genre, read the book and then enjoy the movie!

Need a laugh? Check Out One for the Money.

Want a little drama in your life? Pick up My Sisters Keeper.

Are you feeling brave? Give The Shining a chance!

Cheer for the underdog in Friday Night Lights.

The Longest RideNicholas SparksGrand Central PublishingThe story of Sophia, Luke, Ira, and Ruth all intertwines in this novel by Nicholas Sparks. Sophia and Luke meet at a rodeo and fall in love fast and hard. Their whirlwind romance is intertwined with Ira's recollection of his slow to grow romance with Ruth and their life together. Eventually the two stories merge as each person fights for something: life, love, memories, and happiness.

When you finish try the movie

One for the MoneyJanet EvanovitchSt. Martins PressStephanie is out of money, out of work, out of furniature, and out of love. Looking to turn her life around, she blackmails her cousin Vinnie into allowing her to help him catch some bond skippers for cash. With the help of an experienced bounty hunter , Ranger, and even a little assitance from her crazy grandma, Stephanie sets out to cach her first romance, Joe Morelli, as he is on the run. Humor is not lacking in this series starter for Janet Evanovitch.

Check out Katherine Heigl as Stephanie

My Sisters KeeperJodi PicoultAtriaAnna was born to save Kate's life. Anna has been poked, prodded, tested, and more all her life as her sister Kate has fought cancer. When Anna turns 13 and learns she will be donating a kindey, she takes a stand and seeks a lawyer for legal emancipation. While a trial takes place that adds more strain to the Fitzgerald family, they cannot escape the tragedy that will ensue.

Pack tissues for the movie!

Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a DreamH. G. BissingerDe Capo PressThis non-fiction novel follows the 1988 Permian High School football team in Odessa, Texas. The story follows the football team as they make a charge for the 5A championship. The book is a record of their season, invluding victories, struggles, and an interesting look at life and football in Odessa, Texas.

Cheer for the Panthers again

The ShiningStephen KingDoubledayDanny is what Mr. Halloran considers a 'shiner' as he tends to be a bit psychic. Danny and his father move to care for the Overlook Hotel which seems to have its own shine. The hotel comes to life in the winter as all who stay are stuck due to a blizzard. The hotel itself becomes a living creature with eerie guests, elevators, and bushes. Read at your own risk...

Take another visit to the Overlook Hotel


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