[2015] akolota: Bookreport: Pocahontas And The Strangers

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[2015] akolota: Bookreport: Pocahontas And The Strangers


Non- FictionReading Level: 3.810pts.

Author: Clyde Robert Bulla

She was dreaming. She heard someone speak her name, and the voice became part of her dream. It was her brother, she thought. Nantaquas was calling her. She began to run. Deep in the woods she found him. He was watching an eagle with its feet caught in a snare. The bird's eyes were fierce and proud. She said, "Let the bird go free, Nantaquas." John Rolfe heard her voice. "Pocahontas?" he said. There was no answer. She would never answer him again. He knelt by the bed and covered his face with his hands. (Ch 26.)

Never before has she been so close to a live eagle. She waited for itto fly. It spread its wings, but it did not rise. Then she saw why. Its feet were caught in a snare... "Look," said Pocahontas. "There is fire in its eyes." She said suddenly, Nantaquas, let the bird go free."... As soon as he was gone, she waved her arms at the eagle. "Fly away," she said. "You could break free if you tried." The snare was of knotted grass. It had been set between a bush and a tree. She gave the bush a shake. The bird opened and closed its beak, but it did not try to fly. "Fly!" she said. The eagle screamed deep in its throat. It beat the air with its wings. (Ch 1.)


Title: Pocahontas and The Strangers



What you think about the Book?

Powhatan(father) sent men to burn the palefaces town. They failed because, of the paleface’s firesticks(guns). John Smith is caught prisoner and they are going to kill him. Hapsis(old lady) told Pocahontas that he will be put to death. She also says in law a woman may say, ‘Give me this man. He will be mine’. Then the man must be set free and given to her. Pocahontas threw herself onto Smith and said, ‘Give me this man. He is mine.’ Powhatan makes John his son and her brother. John teaches Pocahontas a little English. When John goes back to Jamestown, Pocahontas and some of her sister brought food to the tome. She does this almost everyday.Captain Newport brought gifts for Powhatan. He brought him a redrobe and a drown. Newport asked for Powhatan to kneel. When he didn’t Newport put in oh Powhatan. Powhatan didn’t want to be crowned king when he was already. During the winter, the English tricked Powhatan and tried to kill him but, he escaped.The Natives plot Smith’s death. During the night Pocahontas ran to Jamestown, in a snowstorm to warn him. She saved his life again. The tribe goes to Oropax, a days walk from Jamestown. News comes that, John Smith had a gunpowder explosion and he wishes to die in England. He had already left by the time Pocahontas hears.

Three years later Pocahontas is captured and is want to be traded for three boats full of corn.She stays with the Governor and this two daughter. Powhatan never brings the corn. She becomes friends with the girls and gets the eyes of John Rolfe. He reads to her a lot. John Rolfe and Pocahontas gets married and have a son named Thomas. They are invited to London, England and go. Outside of England, John Smith visits and before this she thought he was died. When she saw him, she ran away and was trembling. She was happy and mad, that he never told her he was alive. When he left she would never see him again. She soon became sick and died; never to see America again.

Pocahontas - Favorite Daughter of Powhatan. She is very courious and smart for her age.

Powhatan - Father of Pocahontas and cheif of their tribe. Doesn't trust the English.

John Smith - Leader of Jamestown. He is very wise for is age. Doesn't want to fight the Indians but, rather tade with them..

Settings: In 1607 to 1617 Starts in Virgina and ends in England

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Trailer for the Movie 'The New Work' based on the history of Pochantas. Release in 2005

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Your color of skin and where you come from does not limite, who you can become.

I really liked the book. It was really, well done. I enjoyed learning the truth, in a good story.

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Story through Pocahotas's eyes and third person


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