Bookreport: Digital Fortress

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Bookreport: Digital Fortress


Author: Dan Brown

Title: Digital Fortress

Main Events-Tankado dies-Becker is being used-Susan's and Beckers anaverserry trip is delayed-Someone is trying to sell the code for a higher price

Settings-The book takes place in the NCA HQ-They also went to Spain-Had some people go to Hong Kong


Problem, conflict

The NSA had recieved an encryption code that even there super computer called Transltr can't even crack it. The encryption code was created by Tankado a former NSA agent. He left the NSA becuase he thought it was wrong that the american agents were able to look at personal emails writen by people. When Tankado left he set a goal to create a encryption that can never be decoded. So its up to Susan, Becker, and Strathmore to find the encryption codes for digital fortress before its sold to the highest bidder.


The NSA were able to get the decryption codes and were able to destroy them so then no one would be able to use digital fortress not even the nsa or the american government. But the NSA agent also figured out that Transltr needs to be upgraded just in case somone figures how to make another version of digital.

My Thoughts

I thought this book was well done. it had action, mystery, and drama. My favorite part was when Susan found out that Strathmore is the one that sent out Becker. with Becker being sent out it delayed Susan's and Becker's anaverrsery trip







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