Bookmarks for the Illiterate

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Bookmarks for the Illiterate

Bookmarks for the Illiterate

Example of Literacy Challenge

We have 177,000 bookmarks made so far.

Our goal for the literacy challenge is to make 300,000 bookmarks.

Bezos foundation will donate $1 for each bookmark made towards Illiterate children in Peru, Napal, and Mali

Who is supporting the cause?Schools all around the world are working to make bookmarks to help those unfortunate children in need for an education. We must achieve our goal by March 27.

What is the Literacy Challenge?The Literacy Challenge is a project that students around the US are contributing towards. The challenge is to make 300,000 bookmarks and for each book Bezos Foundation will donate $1 for the children in need of an education.

Who are we helping?This year WCTA is helping Latin America (Peru), Africa (Mali) and Asia (Nepal). The literacy rates are very low and we plan to make them higher.

African Instrumental Music

The literacy rate in Mali is 33.4 percent.

APA References

The literacy rate in Peru is 89.6%.

The literacy rate in Nepal is 45.2%.

For more information go to Save the Children's Website.


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